Kindergarten Programs


Session's Schedule
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bilbys 4 Year old Kindergarten  

9am - 2pm

9am - 2pm 9am - 2pm  
Possums 3 Year old Group
9am - 1pm        9am - 1pm

Three Year Old Possums Group

    • Three year old Possums Group is very much play based. Play is one of the main ways by which children explore the world, investigate its properties and build an understanding about how the world works.
    • The children will have the opportunity to explore their environment and discover new ways of belonging, being and becoming.
    • Three year old Possums Group is an opportunity for children to socialise and become confident in themselves, forming new relationships with the educators and their peers.
    • Throughout the year the educators will discover the children's interests and ideas and we will extend on these to encourage children's learning and we will provide a wealth of experiences to support their ongoing development through play. Our program is supported by the community and we love to have parents attend sessions offering skills to expand the children's experiences. eg. animals, gardening, incursions - fire truck, police, special persons day.
    • All children develop at different rates and different stages, so some children may learn different skills at different times, however all children love to play and it is this aspect of the children's development that is of the utmost importance to us as educators.
    • Three year kinder is a place where children can develop at their own pace, make friendships and have lots of fun.

Four Year Old Kindergarten (Bilbys)

        • Our 4yo kinder program is play based and child centred. We are committed to providing children with a high quality educational program that caters to the individual abilities and needs of each child in our care.
        • Each kinder session allows opportunities for free play and self selected experiences, as well as teacher initiated and structured small and whole group learning.
        • We pride ourselves on having strong links to the local community and often go out on excursions – to the police station and post office etc. We also organise various incursions throughout the year to help support and extend upon our educational program.
        • Four year kinder is a place where children can develop at their own pace, make friendships and have lots of fun.

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Now taking enrolments for 2019

  • 3yo Possums Group
  • 4yo Kinder
  • Long day care



3 Year Old Possums Group
4 hours a week
Weekly Fees
$45.00 per week
Fees debited from nominate bank account
Fortnightly in arrears
CCB & CCR eligible.


4 Year Old Bilbys (funded) Kindergarten
15 hours a week
  Family Fees

Kindergarten Fee Subsidy

(HCC or PCC)

Term 1 $312.00 $0
Term 2 $312.00 $0
Term 3 $312.00 $0
Term 4 $312.00 $0
Total $1,248.00 $0



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First Day 2020

3 YO Possums

Monday 5th February  -  Starting 9am

4 YO Kinder

Thursday 1st February - Starting 9am

Long Day Care

Thursday 11th January - Starting 7am